Last minute Turkey

Last minute to Turkey: a must!

More and more people are choosing for a last minute holiday to Turkey. By booking last minute, the costs can turn our a fair bit lower than when booking early. There might be less choice about the exact destination, though. It is also possible that in a busy period everything has already been booked, resulting in higher prices.

Deciding later has its benefits

Not just the sharp prices are the reason for a last minute trip to Turkey. For instance, many travellers to book a last minute holiday to Turkey only after reading the weather reports which show that the weather expectations in their home country are poor. While it may be cold and rainy back home, sunny beaches are waiting for you in Turkey. Can’t be bothered for a holiday at the beach? Turkey offers a lot more: a rich culture, beautiful architecture, delicious food and fascinating musea are ready to be explored by you. From all-inclusive to self organized citytrips; everything can be booked last minute for a favourable price.

Important tips for last minutes

If you want to go on a last minute holiday to Turkey three things are very important. Naturally, you need to book a (cheap) flight ticket, it is wise to reserve accommodations before departure and you are required to apply for a Turkey visa.

Coctail on the Turkish beach

Cheap last minute flight ticket

It is wise to start your search for a cheap ticket on the websites of the largest airlines. Don’t just search for tickets from the major airports, but also look at smaller airports across the country. To quickly check all possible flights it’s smart to use a comparison website, such as Google Flights. The cheapest destinations for last minutes to Turkey are often Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Bodrum.

Arrange overnight stays

Before you book your flight ticket it is wise to also check if you can book cheap accommodations in Turkey. After all, it can happen that any savings made through a last minute flight ticket are lost by high accommodation costs if they are all fully booked. For this reason, it might also be interesting to look for combination deals where a last minute flight ticket is combined with cheap overnight stays.

Submit visa application

The final step when arranging a last minute holiday to Turkey is the visa application. Generally speaking, visas are granted almost immediately when applying online. However, it is still wise to arrange this as quickly as possible; in certain cases granting can take a bit longer because the Turkish government manually checks the application. By applying for the visa on time, you avoid any problems when entering Turkey at the Turkish airport. he application for a Turkey visa can be arranged and paid for on this website.