On holiday to Turkey

On holiday to Turkey, always an experience!

Turkey is a very popular holiday destination, and not without reason. Nice weather, plenty of sights to see, a rich culture, fantastic all-inclusive occasions, perfect beaches, great musea, delicious food; Turkey has it all. What will you be doing on your holiday in Turkey? On this page you can read more about holidays to Turkey and useful tips about the most popular places in the country.

Turkey, a diverse holiday country

Going on a holiday to Turkey can mean a lot of thing. One person might love culture and could get their trip’s worth by exploring Istanbul on their own, with its lovely musea, characteristic streets and mosques. Another might enjoy leisure more and can relax at the beach or enjoy the Turkish nightlife, and can book an all-inclusive holiday where everything is taken care of by the travel organisation. Turkey is also very popular among young travellers and travel companies who might go from hostel to hostel to see a large part of Turkey in a single holiday.

Beach holiday Turkey

Are you going on a holiday to Turkey to enjoy the beach, the sea and the sun? Due to its location at the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey offers wonderful stays at its beaches. Iztuzu, Kaputas, Ölüdeniz, Patara, some of the loveliest beaches of Europe, can be found in Turkey. The all inclusive hotels are also very popular, and more and more tourist are making cruise trips during which they visit the various beaches in Turkey. A beach holiday can also be combined quite well with historic sightseeing in Turkey, such as the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.

Beautiful beaches in Turkey

City trip to Turkey? From Istanbul to Kaleiçi

Getting a taste of the Turkish culture can already be done during a short citytrip in a weekend to Istanbul. But in the most popular holiday city of Turkey it is also possible to fill a long holiday with unique experiences. The Bosporus river connects the continents of of Asia and Europe and runs straight through Istanbul. Make a boat trip and see the skyline of Istanbul in a unique way. Visit the many mosques, the bazaars, and the wonderful gardens and squares. Highlights are the Great Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi palace and the Aya Sophia. However, Turkey has a lot more to offer than just Istanbul. The historic city centre of Kaleiçi for example, located in touristic Antalya, offers a wonder view in Turkish history.

A city trip through Istanbul, Turkey

Beautiful nature in Turkey

Going on a holiday to Turkey, but don’t care for the beaches or the big city? Go on a holiday to Cappadocia, in the east of Anatolia. Cappadocia is on the world heritage list of UNESCO for a reason, it is truly stunning. The result of volcanic eruptions, special rocks and caves make it so Cappadocia consists of a unique landscape with plenty of sights to see, including cave dwellings, churches and views. But Turkey offers a lot more. View the chalkstone terraces of Pamukkale, where you can bathe in the mineral rich water from the area.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Tips for holidays to Turkey

Going on a holiday to Turkey? Don’t forget to apply for a visa, this is mandatory. A good preparation results in a more enjoyable and stress-free holiday. Book on time for a favourable tariff to fly to Turkey and arrange the best hotel deals. Read more about preparation for trips to Turkey here.