Explanation procedure Turkey visa

Explanation about the procedure for the Turkey visa

The procedure for applying for a Turkey visa is quite simple. This page will explain how the procedure works, with explanations at each step.

Step-by-step plan Turkey visa explained:

  • Stap 1 | Decide whether you need a visa
  • Stap 2 | Choose for a regular or urgent application
  • Stap 3 | Navigate to the application form
  • Stap 4 | Fill in the application form
  • Stap 5 | Check the application
  • Stap 6 | Pay for the Turkey visa cost
  • Stap 7 | Receive the visa(s)

Step 1 | Decide whether you need a visa

A Turkey visa is mandatory for all travellers to Turkey, except for holders of a Turkish passport. If you are going to Turkey for tourist or business purposes, you can apply for an e-visa. This is an electronic visa which gives the traveller the opportunity to stay in Turkey for a total of 90 days during its 180 day validity. Are you not travelling for tourist or business reasons, but for instance to live, study or work (entering into employment with a Turkish organisation)? Then you also need to apply for a Turkey visa, but it cannot be done online. Applying for a Turkey visa to live, work or study can be done at the Turkish embassy. Are you staying in Turkey for longer than 90 days? Then you also need to apply for the visa through the embassy. In short: If you are travelling to Turkey for tourist or business purposes for less than 90 days and do not have a Turkish passport, you can (and are even required to) apply for a visa online.

The city of Istanbul

Step 2 | Choose for a regular or urgent application

When you arrive in Turkey, you will be checked right away for a valid Turkey visa. The Turkish customs will do this by scanning your passport. The customs clerk will see right away if a visa was issued for you. It is therefore important that your visa was issued before you arrive at customs. To make sure that you receive a visa on time you can choose from a regular application and an urgent application. If you submit your application more than 48 hours before you arrive at customs, you can submit a regular application. If you apply for your visa less than 48 hours before arrival, choose for an urgent application. Normally speaking, with a regular application you receive your visa on the day it is applied for. However, the Turkish ministry cannot guarantee this. An urgent application generally results in an approved visa within 15 minutes. That’s why this variant is recommended if you are arriving in Turkey in 48 hours.

Step 3 | Navigate to the application form

To start with the application go to the bottom of this page and click on the red button “Start the application procedure.” Next, you fill in the date of arrival and your e-mail address and click on “Apply for visa now”. You will then arrive on the page with the application form.

Step 4 | Fill in the application form

In the application form, first a number of question are asked about the applicant. If you make an application for multiple persons, you, as the applicant, will be the contact person. If at step 2 you chose for an urgent application, check the box ‘Urgent delivery’. Next, you fill in all information of traveller 1 (in most cases this is yourself). You indicate with what type of travel document you wish to identify yourself; this can be a passport, but also an identity card. After filling in the data of the travel document, you can use the same application form to apply for an additional visa for extra travellers. This is done by clicking “Add traveller”. Next, you fill in the required information for the extra travellers. When you have finished, you click the button “Check application” at the bottom of the form.

Step 5 | Check the application

manner. It often happens that applications are not filled in entirely correctly. In that case, the Turkey visa is not valid and an entirely new application needs to be submitted. When submitting a new application, the costs for the visa have to be paid for anew as well. Try to avoid this and carefully check all filled in information on this page. Did you find a mistake? Click on “Edit” while you hover over the concerning input field with your mouse. Is everything correct? Indicate how you wish to pay for the Turkey visa. Finally, you need to agree with the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement, and click on “Confirm application”.

Step 6 | Pay for the visa or visas

You will now be automatically forwarded to the chosen payment method. The application is only definitively put in motion once your payment has been received. It is important to pay right away if you don’t want to cause any delays in the procedure.

Step 7 | Receive the visa or visas

After your payment you automatically receive an e-mail which states that your application and payment have been received. Next, the application is processed. If you made a regular application, you will often receive an e-mail with the approved Turkey visa or visas the same day. If you made use of an urgent application ou can most likely expect an e-mail with your visa or visas within 15 minutes. The Turkish ministry of foreign affairs does not guarantee that the visa is issued within a certain time. If you did not receive an e-mail with your approved visa within 48 hours, contact us.

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