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Disclaimer Turkey-evisa.co.uk

Turkey-evisa.co.uk devotes a large amount of attention to the information on this website. It might still occur that unforeseen errors make their way into the texts on this website. Turkey-evisa.co.uk therefore does not offera guarantee that the provided information is at all times correct, up-to-date and complete. If the impression is given that a traveller can travel to Turkey, this is always subject to permission from the Turkish government. Turkey-evisa.co.uk is in no way part of the Turkish government. The purpose of his website is to support travellers to Turkey with their visa application by acting as an intermediary, for which a service fee is included into the prices on this website. Travellers that use this website can pay for their visa with Reizigers die deze website gebruiken kunnen hun visum betalen met Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal, for which no transaction costs or any exchange rate surcharges are charged. It is not permitted to copy, publicize or otherwise use any of the texts on this website for personal ends without explicit written permission from Turkey-evisa.co.uk.

Privacy policy Turkey-evisa.co.uk

By making use of this website you agree with out privacy policy. Turkey-evisa.co.uk takes privacy very seriously and will at all times treat personal data with confidentiality. Information will also never be shared with third parties, unless the user provided explicit consent for this. If a user fills in an e-mail address for a reminder, such as at the bottom of a page on this website, the user will receive a reminder on this e-mail address a maximum of two times. E-mail address are not passed on or sold to third parties. This website uses cookies. These are solely meant for use of Google Analytics.