Apply for the visa for trips to Turky

Are you planning to travel to Turkey? It is mandatory to apply for an electronic Turkey visa or e-visa Turkey, for all tourist and business trips. This can be easily done through this website.

Until June 2014, there were often long queues at customs in Turkey. This was because all travellers that arrived had to buy a visa at the airport. Since implementing the e-visa Turkey, this is a thing of the past. It is now possible, mandatory even, to apply for a visa before your trip. This way, customs at the Turkish airports knows exactly who enters the country, and only the passports need to be checked on arrival in Turkey. The electronic visa is the same price as the old paper visa, being £49,95 per person. This visa is mandatory for all travellers, this includes children and babies.

Don’t have a valid visa when entering the country? Then you will be denied access into Turkey.

What travellers need to know about the Turkey visa

It is important that you apply for the Turkey visa on time if you plan to travel to Turkey. Applying can be done online with an application form. This form can be filled out and submitted in five minutes. It is possible to perform the application for someone else. It is also possible to use a single application form to start an application for an entire group at once. To do this, the traveller does need the travel documents of all the travellers. The travel document can be a passport, but an ID card is also accepted. After filling in all information of the travellers, including children and babies, the payment can be made. The fee for this visa is £49,95 per person. This amount can be paid with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

The coastline of Turkey

When everything is in order, the visa will be granted. This happens through an e-mail that is sent to the person who submitted the application. In this e-mail, the visa for each traveller is sent as an attachment. The traveller needs to be able to hand these over to customs. Normally speaking, customs won’t ask for the visa on arrival in Turkey. This is because they can see whether the visa is granted by scanning the passport or the ID card of the traveller. It might still occur that the Turkish customs asks for the visa. In that case, the traveller can show a hard copy (printed) or soft copy (for example, on a phone or tablet).

Applying for the mandatory visa for all travellers is preferably done at least 48 hours before departure to Turkey. Make sure you can hand over this Turkey visa to the customs on paper or digitally.

Mandatory travel permit

The visa is an official and mandatory travel permit that all travellers need before they can enter Turkey for a business trip of voor holiday. The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has implemented the electronic visa for three purposes. First of all, by means of the filled in application forms, it can be assessed in advance whether it is desirable for Turkey if the person concerned travels to Turkey. People that are on a black list can be easily barred when applying for a visa. Secondly, the electronic visa shorten the queues on the airports. And thirdly, the Turkey visa is a welcome source of income for the Turkish government. Because the country is not part of the Schengen Agreement, many European countries require a visa to travel to Turkey.

Turkey is not part of the Schengen Agreement. Because of that, the government is entitled to implement a visa obligation and ask for a fee for this.

The Turkey visa application

A Turkey visa application can be filled out 24 hours a day through the digital application form. With the explanation given with the form, filling it out is not difficult. Answers to your questions can be found in the frequently asked questions. The filled out application form is generally processed straight away by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and on approval you will receive an e-mail confirmation often on the same day.

Submitting an urgent application

If you apply for a visa through the regular application, it will most likely be issued within 15 minutes. Regardless, the Turkish government recommends submitting the application at least 48 minutes before departure, so that you can be certain you won’t face any surprises. Are you already at the airport, ready to depart, and still don’t have a visa? Make an urgent application. An urgent application for the visa results in an approved visa within 15 minutes in 98% of the cases. The application for for an urgent application is the same form as the standard one; in it, you can indicate that you wish to make use of the urgent application. The added fee for an urgent application is £17,50 per person.

Exceptions to the e-Visa

All travellers to Turkey are obligated to submit an e-visa application, except for Travellers that possess a Turkish passport. Travellers with a tourist or business purpose can digitally apply for this visa through this website. However, this does not apply to travellers that want to live in Turkey, work (enter into employment with a Turkish company) or study there. Travellers that want to stay in Turkey for longer than 90 consecutive days likewise cannot make use of the online Turkey visa. In all cases where the traveller isn’t travelling to Turkey for business or tourist reasons, or wishes to stay for longer than 90 days, a visa needs to be applied for at the Turkey embassy.